Join the 2020 Ulithi Youth Project

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Join the 2020 Ulithi Youth Project

June 12 – July 1 2020

Students have the opportunity to work with One People One Reef scientists and Ulithi community leaders on OPOR’s three-week youth program focused on coral reef science, conservation and community service.

Working as a team with local youth, students obtain hands-on experience using scientific methods to collect reef data in the field, and explore how modern science and technology can be combined with traditional techniques. Students also participate in community activities such as taro farm weeding and planting. Island activities, snorkeling and local music round out this cultural immersion and exchange experience.

As a participant in this program, you will gain insight into OPOR’s groundbreaking conservation approach where communities lead through traditional management backed by modern science.

Since 2015, One People One Reef has collaborated with Bluecology to offer this exciting and challenging field experience to students. For more information on the program and how you can submit an application see the Bluecology website