Welcome to One People One Reef!

John Rulmal Jr. and Nicole Crane, One People One Reef program co-leaders

A group of communities and scientists working together to keep the reefs, culture and people of the Micronesian Outer Islands healthy.

One People One Reef is a unique solution to ocean management and conservation.

Micronesian Outer islanders from the remote atolls of the Yap and Chuuk outer islands in the western Pacific have sustainably managed their oceans for centuries, even millennia. Their culture, traditions and livelihoods  are  intimately linked to the reefs that surround their islands. However, their future is threatened by rapid environmental and cultural change. In 2010, they recognized a decline in fish populations and reef health, along with human health challenges. They asked for help to learn more about how to manage a sustainable food supply from their oceans in the face of these changes, a critical issue for their present and future well being. One People One Reef is a team of scientists who came together to respond to the outer islanders call for assistance. Their response was a revolutionary approach where communities lead through traditional management backed by modern science.

Marine biologist  Nicole Crane and community facilitator for Ulithi Atoll and the Outer Islands John Rulmal Jr., are the One People One Reef program managers.  Nicole is Professor at the Department of Biology at Cabrillo College, and you can learn more about the entire OPOR team at http://ulithimarineconservation.ucsc.edu/team/

Bluecology works closely with One People One Reef.  Your donation to One People One Reef program  will help to continue and expand the project’s  unique type of ocean conservation across the Micronesian Outer Islands and beyond.

In 2015, the Youth Action Project was developed in partnership with Bluecology and One People One Reef in response to the community’s view that an education focus on sustainable ocean management should focus on their youth.  In 2018 a Ulithi Youth Project scholarship fund was established to help students who demonstrate both merit and financial need to participate in the OPOP program,

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