The Micronesia Ulithi Youth Action Project was established in a partnership with One People One Reef in 2015. The Youth Project is a powerful tool for developing future leaders in ocean sustainability.

US mainland students and local Ulithian students are paired to learn about local and  global issues such as climate change and plastic pollution.  Project participants  gain an appreciation of the importance of both scientific methods and traditional practices in coral reef management. The Ulithian students also see their reefs from a new perspective – through the eyes of newcomers in their own age group. They engage in new ways with questions of reef management and conservation, and their own role in the reefs’ and their community’s future.

Around 60% of the participants in the Youth Action Project  are local residents. Though Ulithi youth have lived on small islands all of their lives many have not experienced their reefs just offshore or formed their own personal connections and understanding. The Youth Action Project is the only one that involves young people from the US and Micronesia in hands-on science and cultural immersion to experience for themselves the value of combining local knowledge and traditional management with modern science when addressing environmental challenges and potential solutions.

We have created a scholarship fund to support the Youth Action Project, and its mission of developing future leaders in ocean sustainability. Previous student participants are already taking leadership roles in One People One Reef’s work, for example working with the science team on expeditions to other outer islands, and leading the first Youth Action Project on neighboring Woleai Atoll. Involving youth in this way – actively engaging them in critical aspects affecting the future of their natural and cultural environments.

The purpose of the scholarship fund is to foster strong, knowledgeable local leaders in ocean sustainability.

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