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Birgit Winning is president and executive director of Bluecology.  Previously, she served as president of The Oceanic Society for 24 years, and she also has worked in management at the Steinhart Aquarium at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco.

During her tenure at the Society, she established and mobilized several international research stations and base camps at the invitation of local communities. She has served on several national and international committees and councils working to protect marine areas, and she has  produced best practices guidelines on behalf of governmental agencies.  She also has authored and co-authored popular and technical articles on marine life and threatened habitats.

Randi Reiremo is operations manager and bookkeeper. Formerly, she served as expedition manager and bookkeeper at Oceanic Society  from 1987 through 2008, and as operations manager through September 2013. For over a decade, she worked in business and academic departments at University of California at Santa Barbara, California State University at Los Angeles, and California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo.             

Tanya Sydney is a travel advisor.  Her love of travel inspired her to work for a major airline for four years, traveling the world and visiting practically every continent except  Antarctica.  Recently she served as events coordinator for Corelight, a peacekeeping nonprofit organization.

Todd Coward is the webmaster for Bluecology.  His company, OakStand Community Web Development, develops and hosts websites for many community organizations, and he handles webmaster duties for many of these.

Patricia Corrigan is a writer and editor for Bluecology.  She  is a journalist and the author of numerous books.  Her articles have appeared in the  Chicago Tribune and USA Today.  She has  written 19 books for national and regional publishers, and six nature books for children.