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Hawaii Wildlife Fund (HWF) has conducted conservation programs and projects in Hawaii since 1996. Actively engaging local communities, HWF works to protect Hawaii’s fragile marine ecosystem and wildlife through research, education and advocacy.  Bluecology works with HWF on student programs and volunteer expeditions.

The Ulithi Falalop Community Action Program was established to direct an integrated sustainable model for community development in the outer islands of Micronesia. This model strengthens the traditional value system and provides a solid foundation for sustainability in the region.  Bluecology’s president has facilitated and supported community-based conservation projects at Ulithi Atoll since 2005.  Bluecology supports UFCAP through donor administration and fiscal sponsorship.

One People One Reef (OPOR)  is a group of communities and scientists working together to keep the reefs, culture and people of the Micronesian Outer Islands healthy.  They bring traditions and modern science together in a revolutionary approach to sustainable ocean management.  Bluecology works closely with OPOR on the Ulithi Youth Action Project, and serves as donations administrator and fiscal sponsor.