High Schools, Colleges, Student Group Organizers

As a nonprofit conservation organization, Bluecology places high value on experiential field education for students. Working with our local field partners , we help create unique field experiences focused on conservation education and cultural exchange for high school and college groups.

Through our national and international partner organizations, Bluecology provides educators with core educational field programs that may be customized to give students a greater understanding of field science, collaborative and integrated problem solving, and community building. Student groups work side-by-side with field scientists, community leaders and other local mentors.

Bluecology staff has combined 50 years working with universities, high schools, museums and educator groups organizing meaningful field programs in collaboration with teachers, educators and student group operators.

We provide extensive pre-departure material include packing lists, and project plans to ensure realistic expectations and comfort. Our knowledgeable staff understands the needs of teachers and organizers,and bring a commitment to outstanding customer service.

For specific information contact us here, or call 415 755-5174