Yap & Ulithi
Snorkeling, Natural History & Culture

Micronesia: Yap & Ulithi Atoll
Marine Debris Beach Clean Up to Restore Nesting Sea Turtle Habitat
Snorkeling, Sea Turtles  & Culture

Micronesia is known to have 300 species of corals and 1,000 species of fish, and we will have an opportunity to appreciate some of this region's renowned biodiversity.

Loosiep Highlights Include:

   *Ulithi's untouched coral reefs

   *Yap's Manta Ray Sanctuary

   *Nesting sea turtles in Ulithi

   * A profusion of fish

   *Authentic cultural immersion

This expedition is offered in collaboration with Hawaii Wildlife Fund whose co-founder  Hannah Bernard will lead the expedition.  Hannah has led four previous expeditions to Micronesia including one to Yap and Ulithi in 2016.

Our adventure begins in Yap, known as the best place for seeing manta rays year round on a consistent basis.  We visit the protected channels where manta rays congregate to be cleaned by small reef fishes called "cleaners."   Yap leads the world in manta ray conservation with the establishment of the Manta Ray Sanctuary in 2008.

The reefs and channels surrounding the island are home to a spectacular array of fish.

Yap is widely known for its strong traditional values, and as the land of stone money.

We explore the main island of Yap, visiting the traditional houses, and seeing some the stone money for which Yap is famous. Our cultural tour includes opportunities to see local crafts made on the island.  Photographic opportunities are exceptional. 

Located approximately 100 miles northeast of Yap State, Ulithi Atoll has 200 miles of reef, and the lagoon is surrounded by 36 tropical islands, only four of which are inhabited.

The clear, warm waters abound with coral and colorful tropical fish.  This remote, untouristed area offers exceptional  snorkeling from the beach as well as from our by snorkeling boat anchored off uninhabited islands.

The atoll hosts the most important nesting grounds for green sea turtles in all of Micronesia. A highlight will be visiting the remote Turtle Islands to witness the nesting activities of green turtles.

We provide a community service with a marine debris beach clean up to help restore nesting sea turtle habitat.  Our trip coincides with peak nesting activities and we will learn about monitoring activities from our local guides.

The Ulithi community continues to practice their traditional lifestyle, and hosted by our local nonprofit partner organization we can experience traditional cultural practices including dances and the weaving of lava lava.


Day 1 Honolulu. Check in at Honolulu International Airport for early afternoon United/Continental Airlines flight to Yap via Guam. Cross the International Date Line and arrive in Guam the following day.

Day 2 Guam/Yap. Continue on from Guam to Yap. Late night arrival in Colonia where you will be picked up and transferred to your comfortable hotel.

Day 3 Yap. The people of Yap have retained many ancient traditions and customs, including the famous stone money, and we will learn what these customs signify in the life of the Yapese. Afternoon snorkeling excursion to Manta Ray Channel to look for the manta rays for which Yap is famous. We overnight at a comfortable hotel in Colonia.

Day 4 Yap/Ulithi. This morning we take a 45-minute flight to Falalop on Ulithi Atoll and transfer to our comfortable lodge. Excellent snorkeling from our beachfront hotel. Next four nights at the Falalop lodge.

Day 5-11 Ulithi. Daily snorkeling excursions to Loosiep and Asor to visit untouristed snorkel sites. Learn about the island's ecology and cultural traditions. Opportunity to snorkel along the island's fringing reef. One evening enjoy traditional dance by community members.

Visit the outer island of Gielop known as the largest green turtle nesting site in Micronesia. Opportunity to explore the island's small forest, and to observe nesting frigate bird and booby colonies. We will likely be the only visitors in the entire atoll.

Day 12 Ulithi/Yap. Morning beach snorkeling. Early afternoon flight back to Colonia on Yap. Overnight in comfortable hotel.

Day 13 Yap. Morning snorkel and afternoon snorkel. Late afternoon at leisure for shopping. and exploration. Prepare for late night departure home.

Day 13/12 Yap/Guam/Honolulu. Mid-night flight from Yap to Honolulu, via Guam. Cross the International Date Line and arrive in Honolulu in the late afternoon of the previous day.

Trip Information:

While snorkeling is a highlight throughout our trip, scuba diving is possible only in Yap. Snorkeling excursions are aboard privately chartered boats. We stay in comfortable, double occupancy rooms with private baths.


2019 Dates: April 2-15
                  May 7-19

2019 Cost:

-- includes: airfare from Yap to Ulithi roundtrip, accommodations, most meals, snorkeling excursions, leadership

-- does not include:
  flight from home to Yap, some meals.

Group Size Limit: 7
Naturalist: Hannah Bernard

Hannah Bernard is president of Hawaii Wildlife Fund will lead the expedition. A marine biologist and experienced guide, Hannah has led three previous Micronesia expeditions, including to remote Ulithi Atoll. She is an award-winning marine biologist and conservationist, with 30 years of experience.

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